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About This Handbook

The handbook is under development and is incomplete in lots of places, please get in touch at [email protected] if you have any questions
This Handbook is primarily for people working at the Bristol Cable. The main purpose of it is to give staff easily accessible and clear documentation of our structure, practices, roles and shared agreements. This will be good for organisational memory, clarity and easier onboarding of new staff, volunteers, directors or freelancers. But we also want to share our structure and practices with our members and the outside world and this documentation will make it easier to do so.
The handbook is a living document that is constantly changing. If you see something that could be improved: that's your invitation to improve it! Or contact the circle which is responsible for that page. Just remember to treat this as a public document that could be seen by anyone. We will write a proper guide to editing this handbook soon.


The handbook is broken up into chapters and sub-chapters. The chapters and how to modify them:
  • Bristol Cable Co-op
    The legal foundational documents outlining Cable's co-operative ownership model and commitments. This can only be changed through member vote.
  • Structure
    Guides to teams and working groups that structure the staff team. Forums circle is responsible for keeping this up to date.
  • Policies Legal documents determining how the co-op operates. Overseen by the working groups. Policies can only be changed through mandated working groups or team proposals. Changes then need to be signed off by the board.
  • Staff guides Explain how things work in practical terms in the staff team, like how to claim sick leave or book annual leave. Different guides are overseen by different circles, which are responsible for keeping them up to date.
On the right hand side of each page is a contents list, which will help you navigate to the part of the page you want

Other handbooks

We're indebted to the public handbooks of other orgs including: